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Name: GECKObiomed
Maintainer orphand
Revision: unknown
Development status: beta
Compatibility: GECKO3 / GECKO4

The GECKO-visual AddOn-Board extends the GECKO-Platform with video capabilities and allows the user to implement image processing algorithms in hardware.

Video data is recorded by a 5MP CMOS camera. The raw data is then processed by the FPGA of the GECKO-main module and displayed by a 480×320 LCD screen. The read out of the camera data, the generation of the display signals as well as the buffering of the processed video frames is done by a small FPGA situated on the GECKO-visual board. Details...

  • 320×480 LCD with 256K colors
  • 5 MegaPixel CMOS Camera
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • On Board FPGA (SPARTAN 3an)
  • On Board Video Memory (SDRAM)
  • Compatible with GECKO3 & GECKO4

The central unit of the GEKCO-visual modul is a Spartan 3an FPGA. The FPGA controls the camera, the display and the on board video memory. The FPGA also provides an interface to the GECKO-main module which simplifies the reading of camera data as well as the writing to the display.

More details about the GECKO-visual are given here:


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