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Name: GECKO3power
Maintainer unknown
Development status: stable
Compatibility: GECKO3 / GECKO4 (untested)

GECKO3 robot

The gecko3robot platform is designed to meet the requirements for a small simple robot to be used during the first two years of digital electronics classes. For powering is a Li-Ion battery included in the robot's case. On the case is an interface to plug an RF sensor module for distance detection.To follow a line are some line sensors on the bottom site of the robot. To simulate a real vehicle the robot has two dc motors. The motors can work in four modes (left turn, right turn, blocked and freewheel)

The GECKO3 robot chassis is designed to house various GECKO3 modules.

GECKO3robot You can see also the connectors to charge the battery.

Size and Speed

  • Height 47.70 mm
  • Width 55 mm
  • Length 85 mm
  • Weight 300g
  • Speed max 2 m/s
  • Diameter wheel 25 mm
  • Gears ratio 1/4 (nwhl/nmot)

Description and color of the LEDs

  • Red: Charging LED, lights during the charging process
  • Green: Power LED, lights when the system is switched on
  • Yellow: Battery empty LED, lights when you should recharge the Battery

Maxon RE10 Motor

Maxon RE10 Type 256100

  • Nominal voltage 4.5 V
  • No load speed 10600 rpm
  • No load current 11.8 mA
  • Nominal torque 1.47 mNm (max continuous current)

Datasheet: motor_re10.pdf

Encoder type MR

  • Counts per turn 16
  • Channels 2

Datasheet: encoder.pdf

Is documented under gecko3-power.

For (de-)assembly and repair purposes use this document:


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