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Name: GECKO3docking
Maintainer orphaned
Revision: 01.2009
Development status: stable
Compatibility: GECKO3 / GECKO4 (untested)

GECKO3 docking

The docking board was developed for SoPC applications in combination with the powerful GECKO3main you get a smart platform for your development projects.

  • RS232 as a debug interface (with Rx/Tx crossing)
  • Ethernet (RJ 45) for network communication
  • RS232 for serial communication (without level converter)
  • Micro SD-Card reader over SPI (shared with SPI 1)
  • Three SPI connectors
  • One I2C connector
  • 4 Bytes length matched GPIOs (max. 1 mm difference)
  • GPIO header is compatible to Agilent connector (with clk and power included)
  • VBAT On-board or external powering
  • Two external ckl inputs (SMA, Agilent header or DIP 8 Socked)
  • Board powering by a standard adapter with a voltage range of 10V up to 18V
  • LED red : powered by the adapter
  • LED green : power good (on if power is good / off if power is less than 90% of 3.3V)

The external clock inputs are connected to some special clock pins on the FPGA on the GECKO3main module. That allows us to maintain better timings. There is a DIP8 socket on input JP3 (EXTCLK1) that can be used to produce a clock. If the GECKO4main module is connected, make sure you comply with the clock specifications (external_clocks).

Pin Name Direction GECKO3 GECKO4 Discription
EXTCLK1 EXTCLK1 IN AE13 AF14 (Lock: AA9) External clock input 1
EXTCLK2 EXTCLK2 IN AD13 AE14 (Lock: AB9) External clock input 2
GPIO1_16 P4_19 IN / OUT AB23
GPIO1_17 P4_18 IN / OUT V20
GPIO1_18 P4_17 IN / OUT U20
GPIO1_19 P4_16 IN / OUT U21
GPIO1_20 P4_15 IN / OUT V23
GPIO1_21 P4_14 IN / OUT U22
GPIO1_22 P4_13 IN / OUT V24
GPIO1_23 P4_12 IN / OUT T21
GPIO1_24 P4_11 IN / OUT U23
GPIO1_25 P4_10 IN / OUT T22
GPIO1_26 P4_09 IN / OUT U24
GPIO1_27 P4_08 IN / OUT R21
GPIO1_28 P4_07 IN / OUT T23
GPIO1_29 P4_06 IN / OUT R22
GPIO1_30 P4_05 IN / OUT
GPIO1_31 P4_04 IN / OUT

On GECKO4main the clocks are only in sync if the corresponding lock flag is set!

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