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Name: GECKO3power
Maintainer unknown
Development status: stable
Compatibility: GECKO3


This is the electronic module of gecko3-robot.
It mainly consists of three parts:

  • Power System to power GECKO3 modules
  • Sensors
  • Actuators and power drivers

Below you find the description of all sub modules of the board.

  • Red: Charging LED, lights during the charging process
  • Green: Power LED, lights when the system is switched on
  • Yellow: Battery empty LED, lights when you should recharge the Battery

Three position switch functions:

  • off
  • system on, motors off
  • system and motors on

H-Brige Vishay Si9986

Full support H-Brige for forward, backward and brake.

Datasheet: Si9986
Application Note: Application Note

Controlling the motors

The two motors are controlled by the two signals INA and INB of each motor:

Name Description FPGA output
M1_INA Control signal A for motor 1 AA21
M1_INB Control signal B for motor 1 AB24
M2_INA Control signal A for motor 2 AC26
M2_INB Control signal B for motor 2 W24

The motor acts according to the control signal:

Signal Brake +Dir -Dir Open
Mx_INA 0 0 1 1
Mx_INB 0 1 0 1

Pinning of the Motor Connector JP1 and JP2

JP1 and JP2 connect the GECKO3power with the Maxon motors.

Pin Name Description
1 MA+ Motor positive output
2 +3V3 Motor 3.3 V supply (independent from System 3.3 V)
3 Mx_ENA Encoder output A
4 Mx_ENB Encoder output B
5 GND System GND
6 MA- Motor negative output

Are documented under Motors.

With these sensors and the on board circuit to realize a Delta-Sigma ADC (R-C element for integration, D Flip-Flop) you are able to measure the brightness of the floor. So you can build a robot that is following for example a white line on a darker floor.

Reflective Sensor Vishay TCND5000

  • Peak operating range: 2 mm to 25 mm
  • Daylight blocking filter
  • High linearity
  • Emitter wavelength 940 nm

Datasheet: tcnd5000

Devantech SRF10

  • Frequency 40KHz
  • Max. Analogue Gain Variable 40 to 700 in 16 steps
  • Units Range reported in uS, mm or inches
  • Range from 30 to 6000 mm
  • Connected to I2C Bus
  • Size of only 32 x 15 x 10 mm

Datasheet with description of the I2C commands: srf10tech.htm

The battery is a common lithium-ion type rechargeable type.

Contrell PA-LP987

  • Cell Type Panasonic CGA103450
  • Voltage 3.6 – 4.2 V
  • Capacity 3900 mAh
  • 1s2p type: 2 cells in parallel

Charge through USB or with wall adapter.

To charge it using a USB cable you can use any USB connector on any other board connected to the system bus!

The wall adapter input is a common barrel connector.


  • Outer diameter 3.5 mm
  • Hole diameter 1.35 mm
  • Input current up to 4 A
  • Input voltage 4.5 – 5.5 V

If you need a connector to plug into the robot you can use the one with order number 151300 at Distrelec

The system voltage of GECKO3 modules is 3.3 V. The DC/DC Converter is the primary power supply for any 3.3 V component on other modules.


  • Voltage: 3.3 V
  • Available current: up to 3 A

This adapter connects the power module to the system bus electrically and matches the height and position of the system bus connector for the gecko3 robot.

Schematic and bill of material:

Pinning of the 120 pin GECKO3 system bus.

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